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Chemlux Incorporated

Go Beyond Clean

Chemlux provides solutions for hygiene and cleaning needs of hotels, restaurants, commercial establishments and industrial facilities.

Borne out of the acquisition of the Technolux Equipment & Supply Corporation (Chemicals Division). Technolux is the market leader in food service equipment in the Philippines with sales of over 1.0 billion. Chemlux is committed to ensure customer satisfaction through:

Our entire business is organized around the principle of Total Package Care. This means that we are committed to understanding and meeting customer needs. We do this by resources, capabilities and systems for sanitation management. We deliver bottom line results for our customer’s business by increasing productivity, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Our Resources
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Product Development and Innovations
  • Dedicated and well-trained People
Our Commitments
  • Manpower and People
  • Machine and Productivity
  • Materials and Chemical Products
  • Methods and Procedures

Mission and Vision

  • VISION: To create a cleaner world.
  • MISSION: To provide world-class cleaning and sanitation solutions.

Core Values

  • God-Centered
  • Customer-Centered: We are focused on identifying and satisfying our customers’ needs; ensuring that customers have pleasant experiences when dealing with questions, complaints or other interactions.
  • Value-Adding Mindset: We create, communicate and provide superior value to our customers and stakeholders.
  • Integrity: We do what is right in every decision that we make.
  • Respect: We give due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of others.

Client List

Chemlux is a proud Member of SPIK-Samahan sa Pilipinas ng mga Industryang Kimika, and Responsible Care

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