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Shine All Plus


Shine All Plus is a ready to use liquid formula, with enhanced
cleaning property, Ultraviolet (UV) protection while providing a non
greasy finish and a deeper shine.

Where to Use:
• Furniture and Table Tops
• Vinyl and Leather Seats
• Door Panels
• Plastic and Rubber Surfaces


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Fea­tures • Helps pre­vent crack­ing, fad­ing, dis­col­oration and pre­ma­ture aging
• Brings out a beau­ti­ful, deep shine with a non greasy finish
• Brings out a beau­ti­ful, deep shine with a non greasy finish
• Safe­ly cleans away dirt, dust and debris
• Renews and revi­tal­izes vinyl, rub­ber and plastic

Use Instruc­tions

Shake well before using. Apply lib­er­al­ly to a clean cloth and spread
even­ly, or spray direct­ly onto sur­face. Make sure excess is wiped off
for best results. To main­tain sheen, appear­ance and for protection
apply regularly.
Note: Two to three appli­ca­tions are rec­om­mend­ed for previously
untreat­ed sur­faces. Allow 30 min­utes after each appli­ca­tion then
wipe off excess for best results.

Safe han­dling and stor­age information

Please refer to the Mate­r­i­al Safe­ty Data Sheet (MSDS) for this
prod­uct for instruc­tions on safe and prop­er han­dling and disposal.

Store in orig­i­nal con­tain­er prefer­ably in a cool and dry place. Avoid
extremes of temperature.

Additional information

Case Packaging

4 x 4Li Container, 1 x 4Li Container